6 November 2012

How Time Flies!

Well, would you believe it’s over a year since I last posted anything?  There was me planning on being so much better about blogging and what do I do?  Disappear for a year!

So what have I been up to while I’ve been gone?  If truth be told not that much really.  Obviously I’ve been card making and I will be gradually putting up a selection of cards I’ve made.

The biggest change where my crafting is concerned is that I use the computer much more now.  I have, for a long time, used my computer to create inserts and even moved on to inserting images (usually from photos of finished cards) into them as well as wording.

However, earlier this year I started to use Craft Artist from Serif and it opened my eyes to a whole new world of digital crafting that could be incorporated into my work.  Though I have to admit that it did sit to one side for quite a while before I actually did anything with it.

It’s amazing what can be done with this software and it is so worth getting.  The first digital card I made was for a friend and I used a Jem’s Designs cd called Spellbound the Fairies Collection which is below  (I have removed the personalisation from it by request)

Spellbound Fairy1 Birthday card front CW Spellbound Fairy1 birthday card insert CW Spellbound Fairy1 birthday card back CW

The swirls are from a Daisy Trail digikit called Swirling Memories one of my favourite kits.  The bow came from a free kit, also from Daisy Trail, called Haberdashery Christmas and was recoloured to match the rest of the card, it was originally red or green.

This was a completely digital card and now I tend to produce a mixture of traditionally crafted, digital and hybrid cards.  My favourites to do are hybrid – after all nothing beats actually getting the scissors, ink pads and glues out does it?

Well I’ve wittered on for long enough today.  I hope you’ve not been too bored by my rambling and, if not, I will be rambling again soon along with more pics of what I’ve been up to. 

Take care and happy crafting

Kate x

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