15 July 2011

Paint Fusion first attempts

Well, I know it’s been a while since I said I’d post pics of my first Paint Fusion pieces but here they are in all their imperfect glory :-)

The first is a mount board lavender tag.  It wasn’t looking too bad until I decided to extend the flowers further down the stem, I really shouldn’t try and think lol.  It also needed to be stamped lower down too, but overall I’m happy with it.

Lavender Tag web

The second was a cotton bud bouquet topper on card.  This was fun though I need to practice my small leaves and the dark blue flowers needed to be more delicately done – unfortunately I’m not known for being delicate!  I need to finish this piece yet, but will probably use it on a card sometime.

Cotton Bud Bouquet web

After lunch we did a daisy bouquet on mount board.  This was one of my favourites to do and when I finished it couldn’t believe that it was my own work!  Looking at it afterwards I can see areas that need much improvement and it needs finishing off too.  I loved the crackling technique too and I just know I’m going to love watching the crackles appear as much as I still enjoy watching embossing powder melt after all these years :-)

 Daisies web

The last 3 pics are the candle we stamped and painted in the afternoon.  Stamping onto the candle isn’t easy, it’s like stamping on acetate but as the outline is going to be pretty much painted over any mistakes are covered :-)

Daisy Candle Left web Daisy Candle Front web Daisy Candle Right web

I hope you’ve enjoyed the peek at my first attempts.  Feel free to leave any comments, including critiques – after all we all learn best by our mistakes.

Have a great Friday, thanks for stopping by