25 July 2011

Busy weekend tinged with sadness

Just a quick post today.  It's been a busy weekend with the blackcurrents starting to ripen nicely.  Making pies and crumbles for the freezer, also freezing the fruit itself to be made into ice cream at a later date.  This will be the pattern for the next week or so as we've decided to pick the fruit gradually to spread the work more evenly.  I may even have a try at jam making this year...... just don't hold your breath!

However, this weekend has also been edged with sadness as we lost our cat, Oliver, of 11 years.  Hubby buried him this morning (Sunday, I know it's technically Monday but the next day doesn't start for me until I've been to bed).  He will be missed (Oliver that is, not hubby!) but hopefully he is happily chasing the mice in cat Heaven.

Hope it's been a better weekend for yourselves
Have a good week