30 April 2011

New arrival

My niece had a little boy today making me a great auntie again!  I've only seen a photo but he looks gorgeous.  Just had to tell the tiny bit of the world that currently reads this (that'll be me then lol)  In spite of it being a planned c-section for yesterday, it was delayed until this afternoon.  I can't wait to see him.  Mum and baby doing well :-)


  1. Congratulations on being a Great Auntie again Kate! Sure we will see your card congratulating your Niece very soon.

    By the way, nice strap line under your title...

    You should join in as many challenges as you can and that way you will hopefully get lots of followers. There are many CAS challenge sites as well as LIM but will be great to see you there very soon:-) xxx

  2. By the way if you are going to enter challenges you might want to turn off your word verification as this slows down commenting. I can tell you this from experience lol... :-) xxx